Growing Mushrooms At Home

The Basics of Mushroom Growing

Many people don’t realize that mushroom growing is something that can be done right in their own greenhouse. And […]

Growing Mushrooms Tips

Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms

Mushroom Growing for the Ambitious Commercial Planter

So what sort of person does best at mushroom growing? It’s a cliché, of course, but there are people and there are people. And while some people are happy enough with their daily routine, there are those others who wish they could reach for the stars. Well, that same philosophy could apply to mushroom growing, at least facetiously speaking. Not that reaching for the stars is any real part of mushroom growing, but while some people who grow mushrooms are quite satisfied with growing them out of […]

How Long Does Mushroom Growing Take

Just how much time should it take you to harvest mushrooms from your mushroom growing. Well, if you like large mushrooms, these can take up to three months to mature fully. This means that if you want to have a mushroom meal regularly, you’re going to have to use a little strategy. The first strategy, of course, is to plant a great many mushrooms. The second strategy is to plant the spore or spawn in different areas of your mushroom beds at different times. Since the mushrooms […]

A Step by Step Guide to Mushroom Growing

Mushroom growing is very easy if you know exactly what you’re doing, and it’s not difficult to learn the different steps involved in the process. Now, the basics of preparing growth medium and containers has been covered elsewhere, but the actual basics of how to plant and care for mushrooms will be covered in detail in the course of this article. You will most likely buy mushroom spores or spawn when you first learn to grow mushrooms, and before you learn to harvest the spores from mushroom […]

The Secrets to Mushroom Growing

If you always liked mushrooms, mushroom growing is a great way to assure your family of a regular supply of this excellent food. Many people think that growing mushrooms takes some special kind of skill, or at least extremely specialized growing conditions. But this is absolutely not true. In reality, mushrooms are as easy to grow as anything else, and can be a good deal easier to grow than many kinds of food. They often need less care and require growing conditions that potentially allow even a […]